A FULLY AUTOMATED parking system

88 Wareham features a state-of-the-art, fully automated parking system by 5BY2 – one of the first condominium residences in Boston to offer this revolutionary parking technology. Learn more about 5BY2 >


With this fully automated "puzzle" parking system, a series of smart platforms reconfigure to accommodate up to 60% more cars than a traditional parking garage. Drive directly into the private, enclosed parking bay and automatically store your car in a secure underground vault with the tap of a screen. Another tap swiftly brings your car up into the bay for a safe, smooth departure. This revolutionary technology saves time, valuable urban space and has a significantly improved environmental footprint.


Benefits of Puzzle Parking Systems


A Smarter Use of Space

5BY2's fully automated parking system accommodates 60% more cars than traditional parking garages, resulting in "a capacity gain of more than 200% in the same volume," and reducing environmental impact.
Sources: 5x2parking.com; Boston Transportation Department

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